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JRJ Energy Services, LLC. is the source for a full range of professional and technical contract support services and personnel, serving the short and long term needs of production, transmission, storage and distribution companies nationwide.

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Our goal is complete client satisfaction, every time.



Quality without Compromise



JRJ Energy Services works closely with the client to structure safety specifics, QA/QC requirements, project record retention procedures, environmental support and applicable codes & specifications.



JRJ Energy Services selects personnel for the client with consideration towards certifications, education, experience, past performance and ethical standards.



JRJ Energy Services performs an interim audit and final review upon a project’s completion to ensure all project documentation is complete, accurate and presentable for our clients in the event of regulatory audits.

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  • Vendor Inspection
    Vendor Inspection involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture before delivery. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to…
  • Gathering System
    A natural gas pipeline system begins at a natural gas producing well or field. In the producing area many of…
  • Local Distribution Companies
    Distribution is the final step in delivering natural gas to customers. While some large industrial, commercial, and electric generation customers…
  • HDD Inspection
    Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has become one of the fastest-growing trenchless technology construction methods for the installation of underground pipelines…
  • New Pipeline Construction
    Natural gas and products pipelines are constructed in response to the evolving supply and demand dynamics of the natural gas market. …
  • Anomaly Repair Inspection
    Pipelines are designed and constructed to rigorous standards, to ensure that the public and the environment are protected. Over time,…
  • Class Change Project Inspection
    A class location can change as population grows and more people live or work near the pipeline. When a class…
  • Hot Tap & Connection Inspection
    Hot tapping is the technique used to attach a branch connection to a pipe while the system is in service,…
  • Meter/Pump Station Inspection
    Desired material throughput values as well as circumstantial factors along the pipeline route are considered in designing and locating pump…
  • Compressor Station Inspection
    JRJ Energy Services offers complete compressor station inspection services. Most compressor stations are equipped with either gas-fired reciprocating compressors or…
  • Tank Construction / Repair Inspection
    JRJ Energy Services provides you with a single source for QC/QA inspection of erection, maintenance and repair of above ground storage tanks…
  • Environmental Inspection
    Environmental inspections include inspection of reclamation, erosion concerns, topsoil stock piling, location, road, and pit construction and use, spills, water…

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